Faculty Appointment, Review, & Advancement

Robert Fujinami, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Medicine, and Wyatt Rory Hume, DDS, PhD, Dean of the School of Dentistry, and Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Faculty and Academic Affairs work closely with faculty members, administrative staff, and leadership across the Health Sciences campus to facilitate faculty governance, along with the faculty appointment, review, and advancement (FARA) process formerly known as retention, promotion, and tenure (RPT), this process is now called faculty appointment, review, and advancement (FARA).

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Bold Moves Build History
Health Care Transformation, Clinical, Education
Mar 13, 2017

Bold Moves Build History

An historic transformation is underway. We are building a new medical campus that reflects our commitment to providing outstanding care and realizing the promises of health care transformation.... Read More

Common Yeast May Worsen IBD Symptoms in Crohn’s Disease
Mar 08, 2017

Common Yeast May Worsen IBD Symptoms in Crohn’s Disease

ibd, crohns disease, yeast

During the past decade, the gut has experienced a renaissance as investigations focus on the role of the microbiome on human health. While most studies have focused on bacteria, the dominant microbial inhabitants in the gut, scientists at University of Utah Health Sciences used mouse studies to show the role of yeast in aggravating the symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Their work suggests that allopurinol, a generic drug already on the market, could offer some relief. ... Read More