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Welcome to Assessment & Referral Services (ARS)

Assessment & Referral Services is a University of Utah Clinic within the Department of Psychiatry that provides high-quality, objective substance abuse assessments and referrals for individuals with possible substance abuse problems. Assessment reports are lengthy and include detailed information regarding any substance abuse or mental health issues as well as comprehensive diagnoses on all five axes. We take great care to ensure that our referrals offer the appropriate treatment that can address the individual's unique treatment issues and life circumstances. We work closely with the legal system as well as a variety of treatment agencies within the state. ARS does not provide treatment services, thus we do not benefit financially from the results of the assessment.

Salt Lake County Substance Abuse contracts with ARS to authorize Salt Lake County funded substance abuse treatment for those individuals who do not have insurance or the financial means to access treatment.  If you are interested in receiving substance abuse treatment or have been court referred, and you cannot afford treatment, you will likely be required to first attend our Interim Group Services where we will begin the process of assessment and referral to the appropriate treatment.

Assessment & Referral Services utilizes highly qualified and educated staff who care deeply about the individuals we see. We are also able to provide services in Spanish and can utilize translators for other languages