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A vigorous group of scientists and trainees dedicated to the expansion and transmission of knowledge about the biological world. Our particular focus is the characterization of macromolecules and biological processes at the molecular level. Research groups in the department address the structure of biological macromolecules, the mechanisms by which they function, and the possible applications to research technology and to medicine. more

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Christopher Hill, Ph.D.

Chris Hill

My laboratory studies the structure and function of proteins using x-ray crystal structure determination and a wide range of other biochemical approaches.  Most of our efforts are concentrated in three areas: (1) Interactions between HIV-1 proteins and host cell proteins that function in the viral life-cycle.  (2) Mechanisms of nucleosome remodeling and reorganizing complexes that function in chromatin dynamics.  And (3) interactions of proteasomes with regulatory complexes and the regulation of proteasome activity.


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