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The Biomedical Informatics Core (BMIC) of the Center Clinical and Translational  Science (CCTS) provides information technology support to clinical and translational researchers through a variety of means, including Education, Innovation and Service. 

The Education component of the BMIC uses a mix of formal courses and informal approaches to education in biomedical informatics and clinical research informatics for translational research. The formal approach includes course work, lectures and seminars from the University of Utah's Department of Biomedical Informatics and the CCTS Masters of Science for Clinical Investigation (MSCI) program. Informal training and presentations are always available upon request from research groups, divisions and departments.

The Innovation component of the BMIC aims to provide universal access to data from our partner institutions (Intermountain Healthcare, Veteran's Administration Medical Center and the Utah Department of Health) through the use of open source tools and applications and customized development when required.

The Service component of the BMIC works across all CCTS cores to provide resources and services for the planning and implementation of translational research. This service focuses on a defined set of applications which are applied across multiple domains to more effectively support researchers.


Goals of the Core for 2013-2017

  1. Extend the power and functionality of FURTHeR and the community release of OpenFurther
  2. Integrate OpenFurther biospecimen common model (OFCBM) into FURTHeR and OpenFurther Community and make it widely accessible to CCTS partners
  3. Improve the capabilities of REDCap by adding standard terminology services and integrating it into FURTHeR and the Study Design and Biostatistics analytical infrastructure
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Contact Information

Main Contact:
Bernie LaSalle
BMIC Operations Director
Phone: 801-213-4093
Email: bernie.lasalle@hsc.utah.edu

Core Administration:
Julio Facelli, Ph.D.
BMIC Director

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