Practicums & Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Upon completion of your chosen track, options blossom. Continue to specialize in your track or choose another emphasis by participating in our DBMI Special Interest Groups and practicums.


DBMI offers four types of practicums to provide students with proctored hands-on activities. Credit hours range from 0-3 CH and are negotiated between the student and the faculty. A practicum can be applied as a NTMS capstone project if arranged prior to taking the practicum or can be scheduled without that link. Once you have decided on practicum and have faculty approval submit the form found on Canvas.

1. DBMI Course Practicum

These are hands-on activities associated with classes and special programs offered by DBMI faculty.

2. DBMI Service-line Practicum

DBMI has 2 major service lines composed of faculty and students working on applied and practical projects funded by industry and health care institutions:

3. Industry Sponsored Practicum

DBMI has an Industry Advisory Board and relationships with outside industry and other health care organizations. These practicums are arranged individually by talking with Joe Taylor in the DBMI office.

4. Research Practicum

Spend a semester working in a faculty research lab within or outside of DBMI (see Canvas for more details).

5. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Five special interest groups (SIGs) meet regularly around a shared interest in an informatics topic. SIGs provide a variety of activities, including review of the literature, hands-on experimentation with new tools and algorithms, reporting on research in progress, demos, field trips, invited speakers, debates, and development of funding ideas. PhD students and faculty are required to attend at least one SIG regularly; MS students are highly encouraged to attend a SIG; and people outside the department are welcome.

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