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The Public Health Certificate gives students the potential to understand the opportunity and connection public health has in an array of fields such as biostatistics, social behavior, epidemiology, policy and administration and environmental public health through research, service and education.  Also, the certificate will provide local professionals working in the field of public health an opportunity to seek training and certification that will directly impact how they address public health issues in their current professions.


The following courses are required to earn the public health certificate:

PBHLT 6100 Biostatistics 3 Fall/Spring
PBHLT 6300 Epidemiology 3 Fall/Spring
PBHLT 6400 Public Health Managemnet & Practice 3 Fall
PBHLT 6600/6650 Social Context in Public Health 3 Fall/Spring
PBHLT 6700 Environmental Public Health 3 Spring
Total: 15 credits

Print public health certificate requirements.


Fall: July 1

Spring: December 1

Summer: April 1

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