Women in
Medicine & Science (WiMS)

To ensure that the “sky is the limit” for all professionals regardless of gender, the WiMS endeavors to promote faculty development, mentoring and advocacy of women faculty in all stages of their careers to ultimately create a climate that fosters the success of all faculty, regardless of gender.


The mission of the Women in Medicine & Science Program at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center is to foster the academic progress of women faculty, housestaff, graduate students and medical students through education, advocacy, mentoring and networking. The program does all of the following:

  • Provides opportunities for women to acquire the skills and strategies necessary for their professional advancement
  • Aims for women to be successful in attaining senior faculty ranks and leadership positions within the Health Sciences Center and monitors the status of women in medicine in order to ensure equality of participation and reward, and to identify and address barriers to advancement; promotes excellence in clinical care, education and research in women's health.
  • Recognizes the importance of diversity, humanism, varied career paths, personal wellness and a healthy, balanced life.


Our activities are intended to benefit all, regardless of gender.