University of Utah School of Medicine

School of Medicine Computer Support Guidelines

School of Medicine Computer Support Guidelines

We would like to request that all of you use the following guidelines when requesting computer support:

Trouble Tickets

We use a program to track the problems and also to assign out the work. This program will assign priority according to the type of problem you are experiencing. You can submit a trouble ticket into Remedy by clicking on the link to the left.

To use this method and submit a troubleticket, you must know your Peoplesoft ID#. It is an eight-digit number that is located on your employee identification card. You can also find it on your pay stub directly below your name at the top in the middle. Many of you may be using it already in Kronos.

Click on "Trouble Ticket". You will then be asked to enter your Peoplesoft ID#. Then click "Computer Type" and select your type of computer.

Enter the details of the problem you are experiencing. In the content of this box please be as descriptive about the problem as you can. Include any error messages that you are getting. If you are having printing problems be specific about what type of printer you are using and if it doesn't print from all applications or if it isn't printing from just one but the other applications are printing fine. Also indicate whether or not you have rebooted.

For faster service you can enter "Please assign to Deans support team" and it should expedite the process. Please make sure everything is accurate then click on "Continue."

The next screen will ask you to confirm your personal information as well as a secondary contact person in case you are not available when a technician tries to contact you. Then click on "Finish." You will then receive the following message:

Your Trouble Ticket ID is xxxxxx

You will receive an email confirming that a trouble ticket has been submitted to the Support Desk regarding your problem. A Computer Technician will be contacting you soon! You can track the progress on your trouble ticket by entering your Ticket ID or PeopleSoft ID on the Support home page.

You can now close your browser window.

* Please note: If your computer problem prevents you from accessing the internet, please have someone in your office who isn't affected, submit a Remedy Trouble Ticket for you.


  • If the matter is urgent please page our on-call pager 339-1919 as well as submitting a Remedy Trouble Ticket. It is very important that you still submit a trouble ticket. Our on-call person will respond as quickly as possible to the page.
  • Too many people are in the habit of paging us for every question and small problem. This has become a big problem for the person on-call. We are asking that you only page for urgent matters so that we can provide better support for everyone.
  • We are also asking at this time that you do not page us directly unless we have asked you to do so when we are working on a problem you are having or to give us an update on the problem. Again, please enter a trouble ticket describing your problem and someone will respond as soon as we can. If you prefer one of us specifically you may request us by name in the details of the trouble ticket and we will do our best to honor that request.


We also have many of you that call us to report problems. We are again asking that you refrain from using this method and use the Trouble Ticket System.


E-mail is good to use when you just have a question that you need answered. Please only use email when it is something we can answer back through email.