Faculty Administration

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct appointments may be held by faculty members who hold primary appointment(s) in other departments within the School of Medicine or elsewhere on campus. These appointments may also be given to individuals, i.e., consultants with primary responsibilities elsewhere -- in business, industry, or other academic institutions that have a close working relationship with a SOM department but hold no other appointment on campus.

Rank                                     Job Code

 Adjunct Professor                     9106
 Adjunct Associate Professor     9102
 Adjunct Assistant Professor      9104
 Adjunct Instructor                     9105

  • Offer Letter required for paid adjuncts.
  • No advertising is required.
  • Adjunct faculty are reappointed annually with no limitation on the maximum number of years. and thus the annual reappointment documentation will serve as the annual review documentation”.
  • Some clinical departments use Adjunct faculty to provide coverage for absences of full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty are covered by the University malpractice insurance when they are working in that capacity and receive benefits described on the website at http://www.admin.utah.edu/fhb.

Adjunct/Volunteer Faculty (VCF)

Adjunct/Volunteer faculty appointments are usually for "downtown" physicians who participate in a voluntary relationship within a department.

Rank     Job Code

 Adjunct Professor  (unpaid faculty)                       6001
 Adjunct Associate Professor  (unpaid faculty)       6001
 Adjunct Assistant Professor (unpaid faculty)         6001
 Adjunct Instructor (unpaid faculty)                       6001
They must provide proof of a valid and unrestricted Utah license and their own malpractice insurance. Departments are encouraged to have written guidelines for appointment criteria.


Adjunct faculty will undergo informal review on an annual basis in conjunction with the annual auxiliary reappointment process, utilizing departmental criteria for appointment.

Due to the varying specialties and responsibilities of adjunct and volunteer faculty, departments should prepare written criteria for appointment, reappointment, and Reappointment at Higher Rank (Promotion) for all adjunct faculty. Departments should submit adjunct faculty criteria to the Dean of the School of Medicine by December 2009.

Where Adjunct faculty hold regular faculty appointments in another department at the University, a department may simply rely on the regular review procedure in the faculty member’s home department, or may do its own review limited to the activities required for the adjunct appointment as defined by the department at the time of appointment.

Informal Reviews:

The responsible department chair/division chief should establish agreed upon goals and expectations for adjunct faculty.
The agreed upon expectations and goals should be documented and mailed via formal letter to adjunct faculty members
The list of expectations and goals need not be tremendously detailed, but should clearly state the areas in which accomplishments are anticipated.