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Pediatric Urology, General Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

Work with our partners in Ghana first began with a focus on pediatric urology and Lymphatic Filariasis (LF). Our partnership has strengthened over the years, relying on the strong local leadership while expanding ties throughout the region. Upcoming plans include laparoscopic surgical training with partners in Accra and regional LF outreach programs.


Pediatric Urology, Gerenal Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

Collaboration with surgeons in Haiti began in 1999 by way of our Resident Scholar Program. Soon after, focus expanded to include surgical intervention for Lymphatic Filariasis. Plans for the next year include general, reconstruction, and nursing workshops, focusing on supporting and increasing the capacities of the local urologists.


Pediatric Urology and Resident Scholar Programs

As IVUmed’s first training site in 1992, the legacy and growth of volunteer efforts in Honduras are readily apparent. Our Honduran medical partners have advanced to the point of graduation from regular IVUmed trainings. They have built a dynamic program capable of performing common urological surgeries greatly needed by its pediatric population. Focus has now progressed to more complex conditions and surgeries as the program continues to grow. With IVUmed assistance, they now organize their own annual urology training outreach programs. In the next year, IVUmed will send surgical volunteers to assist in a Honduran-led workshop in San Pedro Sula.


General Urology, Pediatric Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

IVUmed has sent resident scholars to participate in free urology camps for the poor in Bhopal, Ajmer and elsewhere since the program began in 1999. In 2008, IVUmed renewed its pediatric focus in India with annual workshops led by Drs. Richard Grady, Aseem Shukla and the late Dr. Atul Thakre in Ahmedabad, India. The workshops have focused on complex cases, such as bladder exstrophy, and have provided valuable advanced training for local participants.

Kenya and Tanzania

Pediatric Urology and Resident Scholar Programs

This year IVUmed began pediatric training programs in both Kenya and Tanzania. The goal in these locations is to increase the availability of urology education by using the regional training approach first established in Senegal. IVUmed teams hold workshops at training facilities that are attended by medical staff from several surrounding countries. Collaboration with partners such as the Pan African Urological Surgeons’ Association (PAUSA), the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) and the Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) plays an integral part in IVUmed’s ability to increase training effectiveness while extending its impact throughout the region. A pediatric workshop will be held this year in connection with the annual KAUS meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.


General Urology, Pediatric Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

IVUmed began collaboration with pediatric partners in Mongolia in 2002. Work with our current partners began in 2007, now focusing on both pediatric and general urology. Training with these surgeons has progressed exceptionally over the last few years, addressing reconstruction, oncology, endourology, and other complex cases. Our work in the next fiscal year will focus on increasing the hosts’ capacities with these advanced cases while fine-tuning the basic skills taught in previous years.


Women’s Health, Pediatric Urology, General Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

IVUmed began work in Mozambique in 2004. Workshops focus on female, pediatric, and general urology. Our lead partner in Maputo, Dr. Igor Vaz, a leader in reconstruction and fistula repair, has been instrumental in advancing the level of training available to Mozambican medical personnel. Two workshops have been scheduled within the next year: the first will focus on women’s urology with the second addressing both pediatric and general urology needs.


Women’s Health, Pediatric Urology, General Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

In Nigeria, women’s health, particularly incontinence linked to obstetric fistula (VVF), has been at the forefront of IVUmed’s trainings. In the next year, IVUmed plans to expand its training efforts in Nigeria to include general urology topics in more cities. The university teaching hospitals in Nigeria are flagship health care institutions of West Africa and hold the most urologists of any country in sub-Saharan Africa. This makes Nigeria an ideal setting for reaching a broad group of surgeons-in-training through IVUmed’s proven model.


Pediatric Urology and Resident Scholar Programs

Our partnership in Senegal began in 2009. As an international hub for education, Senegal provides an excellent venue for teaching, and as a result, became IVUmed’s first regional training site. Most of the physicians participating in the IVUmed Senegal workshops will return to their home countries once their long-term training in Senegal is complete. This process will equip them with the skills necessary to perform and teach urological procedures that are much needed in their home countries. IVUmed is currently planning a third pediatric workshop at the site, building upon the foundation laid out in our first two visits.


Adult Male Circumcision and Resident Scholar Program

In collaboration with the American Urological Association (AUA) and Jhpiego (a nonprofit affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) IVUmed has provided volunteers to support a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) initiative in Swaziland to combat HIV/AIDS through adult male circumcision. During a recent three-week “Back to School” campaign there, over 7,000 men were circumcised. According to modeling studies, this translates into almost 2,000 HIV infections prevented. Our new partnership has made a lasting impact in the country hardest hit by the HIV epidemic.


Women's Health, General Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

IVUmed's partnership with Uganda has grown greatly in the past year. It is a new site for the Traveling Resident Scholar Program as well as destination for new partnerships of IVUmed Visiting Professors. In the next year, plans are underway for both general and women's urology workshops.


Pediatric Urology and Resident Scholar Programs

IVUmed has worked extensively in Vietnam since 1994, and the impact is evident. Not only are our previously trained medical partners now skilled in the urological techniques taught, they also carry out their own outreach programs to help train other doctors within Vietnam. This illustrates the sustainability and sentiment of IVUmed’s motto: Teach One, Reach Many. IVUmed’s work in Vietnam now focuses on collaboration with these partners in new cities to expand the reach of training to more Vietnamese medical personnel. In the next year, IVUmed will send volunteers to Nha Trang to assist in a pediatric workshop co-hosted by our previously trained partners from Ho Chi Minh City.

West Bank

General Urology, Pediatric Urology, and Resident Scholar Programs

IVUmed has conducted pediatric and general surgical workshops at three major facilities in the West Bank since 2007. In addition to hands-on surgical training, workshops include multi-day symposiums with experts from around the world. Logistical and financial support of these workshops is provided in part by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. IVUmed has helped answer the call from other international organizations for a program of this caliber. Two trips are scheduled this year to continue our mission in the West Bank, focusing both on pediatric and general urology needs.


Pediatric Urology Program

IVUmed launched a new surgical training hub in Lusaka, Zambia this year. The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, the primary training and referral hospital in Zambia, represents the wonderful potential for regional training efforts in Southern Africa. The country shares borders with eight countries and the hospital has already been selected by the College of Surgeons of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) as a potential center of excellence. Thanks to our members, funders and volunteers, we are now able to help build the availability of quality urological care in the region.