The GME office recently received news from Parking Services that they expect to switch over this summer to scanning license plates for associated parking permits. They anticipate going live with this change on August 1st. This will replace having physical parking permits and therefore no longer a need for an H sticker.

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 The GME office is submitting all GME housestaff names to Parking Services and they will be recorded as having the same privilege that the H-sticker has given in the past, which allows housestaff to park on the 4th level of the South Garage parking terrace as long as the vehicle has an associated A-permit.  While the GME office is working with Parking Services to make sure that all housestaff have the h-sticker privilege, you will still be responsible for ensuring that you have an A-permit associated with your vehicle in order to avoid getting a ticket when using the terrace parking.

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