New Resident and Fellow Orientations 2015 

We look forward to finally meeting you!  There are several items we want you to be aware of to help your day go smoothly.


  1. Orientation Date & Time:  Tuesday June 23 for PGY1s and Wednesday, July 1,  for PGY 2 and above residents and fellows; 7:30am – approximately 4pm
    1. A continental breakfast will be served 7:30am – 8:00am
    2. The meeting will start promptly at 8:00am.  Be sure to arrive early enough to pick up your registration materials and something to eat.
    3. Location: Health Science Education Building (HSEB), Room 1750 on the 1st floor (south end of the building by the cafeteria – see attached map)
    4. Dress Code:   Come comfortable, you will be sitting in a room for the majority of the day.  Also, you may want to layer your clothing as the room temperature unfortunately fluctuates.
    5. Parking:  You will be guided by signs along Mario Cappechi Drive to the parking garage behind (East side) the Health Sciences Education Building.   Please be aware that you need to follow the road to the upper level entrance, on the EAST side of the garage. This will enable you to park all day free of charge.  Do not enter the first floor west entrance visitor parking section, you will have to pay for your parking for the day. 
    6. Do not forget to bring the following items with you.  You will NOT be hired and thus, unable to begin your training!

ü  Social Security Card AND unexpired Driver’s License (an unexpired Passport may be used in place of these two items).  A picture ID is required for the drug screen.

ü  J-1 Visa Holders MUST bring their unexpired passport, 1-94 card (you may print one at, and current DS-2019

ü  Bring any remaining credentialing items


  1. University Badge:  At your earliest convenience (preferably before the GME orientation), pick up the “blue form” in the GME Office to have your picture taken.   We will hand out the badges at the end of the orientation.
  2. Onsite Vendors:  Time will be given during the lunch hour and after the orientation to meet with the various hospital vendors (Benefits, Parking, Pagers, VA, UMA, etc.)  Please refrain from lingering outside of the auditorium to speak with these individuals during the presentations.   You will be kindly asked to return to your seat.
  3. Drug Screen:
    1. You will be given a card with a specified time to complete the drug screen.  However, if you find that you are not able to wait, please see a member of the GME staff to be released from the orientation.  
    2. Avoid drinking too much liquid before completing your drug screen ( >16 oz 1-2 hrs prior to the drug screen) to avoid a negative dilute result.
    3. Healthcare Benefits: 
      1. Your benefits will begin on your hire date, July 1st, and will be retroactive until you sign up for a specific benefits plan.
      2. A Benefits Representative will present the available options and a team of staff will be available to assist with the paperwork.  To help prepare you, here is a link with general information:
      3. Update your Mailing Address on June 29 or  June 30:  Log into the Campus Information System ( and update it with your Utah mailing address.  This will impact where your paychecks, benefits, and other extremely important documents will be sent.
      4. University Email Accounts:  Our IT department is currently assigning your HSC email accounts.  Most of your email addresses will be  I will let you know if it is different.   To access your email account, go to:  You will log in with your UNID and the password you previously created for your network (CIS, LMS, etc) accounts.   
      5. GME Website:  If you’re interested, take a look at the GME site:   Please save this link as a favorite in order to easily access it  in the future.  We are always adding valuable information and updates for you.


It is most important that you arrive to the orientation on time and remain for the entire orientation.  This orientation is mandatory and contains important information for your hiring process.

The University of Utah has long been a center of excellence in the field of graduate medical education.

Annually, more than 700 residents and fellows acquire and develop knowledge through a variety of medical and surgical programs. The University of Utah’s unique geographical location and its service to a six-state area allow for diverse case mixes and high patient volume, giving residents and fellows the kind of extensive hands-on training they need to become excellent clinicians.

Here is a list of our residency and fellowship programs, please note they are hyperlinked for your convenience.