Department of Internal Medicine
University of Utah School of Medicine
30 North 1900 East, Room 4C104
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Phone: 801-581-7606
Fax: 801-581-5393

Department Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Janet Sabuco Associate Chair, Administration & Finance 801-585-9368
Debra Anderton Accounting & Finance, Associate Director 801-581-4986
Elynn Beck Executive Assistant 801-581-7607
Aaron Bell Accounting & Finance, Director 801-587-1347
Brian Davis Development, Director 801-587-7903
Kevin Dustin Clinical Affairs, Director 801-581-7622
Lacey Holmes Marketing & Communications, Manager 801-587-7334
Karen James Administrative Assistant 801-581-7606
Dori Knight Faculty Program Manager 801-587-8849
Mencily Lee Executive Assistant 801-585-0642
Lori Maness Faculty Program Manager 801-587-8210
Elizabeth Napier Administrative Officer 801-213-3712
Robyn Rich Human Resources Liaison 801-585-3476

Computer Support*

Name Position Phone Email
Jean Hemenway IT SOM, Director 801-585-2313
Kyle Colbert 801-587-9473
Terra Curley 801-581-7560
Joshua Daniels 801-585-7135
Shawn Soper 801-585-7135
Oliver Tsuya 801-587-7642
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Education Administration

Name Position Phone Email
Caroline K. Milne, MD Vice Chair - Education
Sara M. Lamb, MD Meds/Peds Co-Program Director
Stacie Huber Administrative Program Coordinator 801-585-1686
Carol Stevens Administrative Program Coordinator 801-585-7716

Research Administration

Name Position Phone Email
Chris LaSalle Research & Science, Director 801-585-2734
Adam Cohen, MD Clinical Research Medical Director 801-587-4024
Sarah Elliott Grants & Contracts Officer 801-581-3694
Jennifer Hammond Grants & Contracts Officer 801-581-6526
Ashley Kapron, PhD Special Projects Manager 801-585-2084
Kris Larrabee Grants & Contracts Manager 801-585-7655
Scott Low Clinical Research Compliance, Associate Director 801-581-1380
Heather Parkin Senior Grants & Contracts Office  801-585-7090
Mary Jane Tinnes Clinical Research Coordinator 801-585-2254