Division of
Cardiovascular Genetics

Cardiovascular Genetics (CVG) has six faculty members and researchers.  We are affiliated with the Division of Genetic Epidemiology, and we work closely with faculty in the Division of Cardiology, and with faculty in the Departments of Human Genetics, Medical Informatics and Radiology within the University of Utah School of Medicine.  We also work closely with the Cardiology Department and Fitness Institute at LDS Hospital.

Our research focus is to explore causes of premature heart attacks and strokes in high-risk families and to use this knowledge to promote disease prevention in these families. We study the major risk factors for atherosclerosis including abnormal lipids (such as familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), familial combined hyperlipidemia, low HDL, and other familial syndromes), high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other risk factors (e.g. homocysteine, insulin resistance, estrogen deficiency).  Read more about what we do.

Our main expertise is the finding, recruitment, clinical characterization, genetic characterization, and measurement of risk factors in high-risk families and the application of genetic epidemiology techniques and linkage analysis to determine underlying patterns of inheritance. We provide state-of-the-art patient care for atheroprevention in our Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Clinic. We also perform cutting-edge clinical research in the study of new treatments for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Our History

Dr. WilliamsCardiovascular Genetics was founded in 1977 under the guidance of Roger R. Williams, MD, a recognized expert in the field of cardiovascular genetics. Dr. Williams died in 1998, but the memory of his energy, enthusiasm, vision and goodness continues to inspire and motivate the faculty and staff of CVG. Read more about Dr. Roger Williams.