Dialysis Program Staff Page

Today's University of Utah Dialysis Program staff members carry on the tradition of excellence that began in the mid 1960s with the University of Utah Dialysis Training Center (DTC). Current staff members benefit from the programs 40+ years of clinical dialysis experience with a combined senior staff experience level and expertise rarely found in today's ever-changing dialysis community.

Contact Information


Executive Director Alfred Chueng, MD
Phone: (801) 581-6427 Email: Alfred.Cheung@hsc.utah.edu

Director Steven Hemming
Phone: (801) 581-3659 Email: steven.hemming@hsc.utah.edu

Associate Director Barry Deeter
Phone: (801) 581-8573 Email: barry.deeter@hsc.utha.edu

Associate Director Brett Heikens
Phone: (801) 581-8573 Email: brett.heikens@hsc.utah.edu

Information Systems David Dalpias
Phone: (801)682-6776 Email: ddalpias@hsc.utah.edu

CFO Joyce Ellis
Phone: (801) 581-8553 Email: Joyce.Ellis@hsc.utah.edu

Department Coordinators

Billing Karrie Pati
Phone: (801) 585-5767 Email: karrie.pati@hsc.utah.edu

Home Dialysis Morna Williams
Phone: (801) 479-0351 Email: Morna.Williams@hsc.utah.edu

Shop Mark Hastings
Phone: (435)590-5988 Email: Mark.Hastings@hsc.utah.edu

Supply Darlene Christensen
Phone: (801) 581-3649 Email: Darlene.Christensen@hsc.utah.edu