Rocky Mountain Geriatrics Conference

15th Annual Rocky Mountain Geriatrics Conference

Getting to the Heart of Aging: An Interprofessional Approach to Cardiovascular Health

DATES: August 28-29, 2017


Sponsor CollageYou are cordially invited to attend the 15th annual conference to be held at the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort near Salt Lake City, UT.

Program Overview:

This conference presents comprehensive overviews of developments in providing healthcare for older populations. Each year a different geriatric topic is explored in depth.

Conference Focus:

The focus of the conference this year is to learn about the practical management and coordination of treatment and services for older patients along a continuum of care. Models of care that incorporate age-related changes in the cardiovascular system will be presented. The conference will also present the epidemiology of cardiovascular disorders including heart failure (HF) in older adults and will summarize data on the pathophysiology of the aging heart.  The clinical characteristics, treatment patterns, pharmaco therapy, prevention strategies, and outcomes of older adult patients will be explored. An overarching conference theme will be the importance of interprofessional teamwork in promoting quality of life and prevention to older adults at risk for, and with, heart problems.

Target Audience: 

This conference is appropriate for interprofessional health care providers: nurses, physicians, social workers, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and pharmacists. We welcome health care policymakers, assisted living, hospital, nursing home providers, administrators, community care coordinators, and others interested in geriatric cardiac physiology. All who care for older adults are invited.

Program Objectives:

By the conclusion of the conference participants should be able to:

  1. Recognize the key components of cardiovascular care in older adults
  2. Emphasize the role of one's profession and other professions in improving quality and outcomes amoung medically complex patients
  3. Understand models of management that encompass geriatric cardiovascular assessment, behavior change including motivational interviewing, and shared decision making
  4. Promote collaboration across disciplines for the practical patient centered approaches that incorporate emerging technologies

The Rocky Mountain Geratric Conference is produced by the Division of Geratrics, University of Utah School of Medicine, in affliation with the VA Salt Lake Geratric Research, Education, and Clinical Center (GRECC.)

Conference Syllabus