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The Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities' mission is to prepare physicians to provide respectful, humane patient care, to address current ethical problems in health care through research and discussion and to engage with providers, patients, and families to resolve their ethical conflicts.  We use relevant medicine, law, moral reasoning, literature, drama, and art to inform physicians about ethical issues and prepare them to empathize and communicate compassionately.

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Genetic Testing in Kids is Fraught with Complications
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Jul 02, 2015

Genetic Testing in Kids is Fraught with Complications

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Despite an increasing ease in acquiring genetic information, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) points out that doing so has consequences, particularly when it comes to children. It is this population, they say, that is the most vulnerable. With this precaution in mind, the ASHG Workgroup on Pediatric Genetic and Genomic Testing has issued guidelines for genetic testing in children and adolescents that are based on a thorough review of studies on ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI). The recommendations were published in The American Journal of Human Genetics. ... Read More

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Beyond Versus: The Struggle the Understand the Interaction of Nature and Nurture

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