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The Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy at the University of Utah is vibrant and growing, with seven faculty added to the department in the past three years, including four assistant professor hires. We continue to expand our strength in developmental biology, including early embryonic development, neurogenesis, and synapse formation, as well as in functional neuroscience, utilizing molecular and genetic approaches as well as physiology and behavior. The department is an integral part of campus-wide neuroscience and developmental biology communities.

We are strongly committed to graduate and postdoctoral training, emphasizing both research excellence and professional development. We also have a strong tradition of excellence in medical education and scholarship.

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Scientists Restore Youthful Plasticity to the Brains of Adult Mice
Aug 07, 2017

Scientists Restore Youthful Plasticity to the Brains of Adult Mice

Like the rest of the body, the brain loses flexibility with age, impacting the ability to learn, remember, and adapt. Now, scientists at University of Utah Health report they can rejuvenate the plasticity of the mouse brain, specifically in the visual cortex. Published today in PNAS, the study shows that manipulating a single gene triggers the shift, revealing it as a target for new treatments to recover the brain’s youthful potential. ... Read More

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