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The Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy at the University of Utah is vibrant and growing, with seven faculty added to the department in the past three years, including four assistant professor hires. We continue to expand our strength in developmental biology, including early embryonic development, neurogenesis, and synapse formation, as well as in functional neuroscience, utilizing molecular and genetic approaches as well as physiology and behavior. The department is an integral part of campus-wide neuroscience and developmental biology communities.

We are strongly committed to graduate and postdoctoral training, emphasizing both research excellence and professional development. We also have a strong tradition of excellence in medical education and scholarship.

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Playing Favorites: Brain Cells Prefer One Parent’s Gene Over the Other’s
Feb 23, 2017

Playing Favorites: Brain Cells Prefer One Parent’s Gene Over the Other’s

genetics, epigenetics, brain

It has long been thought that each copy of our DNA instructions - one inherited from mom and one from dad - is treated the same. A new study from scientists at the University of Utah School of Medicine shows that it is not uncommon for cells in the brain to preferentially activate one copy over the other. The finding breaks basic tenants of classic genetics and suggests new ways in which genetic mutations might cause brain disorders. ... Read More

Neurobiology and Anatomy
Research, Recognition, Education
Jan 05, 2017

Scientific Achievement Award

Joe Yost was chosen to receive the 2017 Henry Gray Scientific Achievement Award, in recognition of his work on Left-Right developmental pathways that impact cardiovascular and neural development. This is AAA’s highest scientific award for his unique meritorious contributions and achievements in the anatomical sciences.... Read More

Neurobiology and Anatomy
Recognition, Research
Jan 05, 2017

Research Grant Awarded

Jason Shepherd was chosen to receive a three-year award from the E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation for the Blind for his project entitled, “Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of Critical Period Plasticity in the Mouse Visual Cortex”.... Read More

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