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2016 Fall Semester

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Department of Oncological Sciences

Established in 1994, the Department of Oncological Sciences performs research and provides training with an emphasis in cancer biology. The Department is strongly aligned with Huntsman Cancer Institute, whose mission is to discover the origins of human cancer as well as develop new diagnostics and treatments.

The Department of Oncological Sciences brings together a community of faculty, students, and staff. There are 41 total faculty, 21 of which are adjunct members. In addition, there are approximately 50 graduate students and 20 post-doctoral fellows in research laboratories.

Our graduate program offers PhD degrees in cancer biology with specialized training in transcriptional regulation and epigenetics, animal models of gastrointestinal and breast cancers and cancer cell biology including signaling, apoptosis and metabolism.

Researchers are affiliated with disease interest groups within Huntsman Cancer Institute including Cutaneous Cancer, Children's Cancer (leukemia, sarcoma), Breast, Neuro-oncology, and Gastrointestinal Cancers.