Bryan Jones

photo of Bryan Jones

Bryan William Jones joined the Research Faculty of the Moran Eye Center in 2006. Originally coming to science through the study of epilepsy and sleep medicine, he became fascinated by the beauty of the retina and the complexity of blinding diseases. His work in the laboratory of Dr. Robert E. Marc revealed the nature and extent of pathology seen in retinal degenerative diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration, now known as retinal remodeling. This work helped to refine approaches to vision rescue through both bionic and biological approaches. Continued work will further define the time lines of retinal remodeling in an effort to determine windows of opportunity for intervention to limit, prevent or exploit retinal remodeling. Other work in the Marc Laboratory focuses on applying novel molecular and computational approaches to resolving the identities and connectivities of neurons in the retina to discover how the normal retina is wired, how that circuitry is altered in degenerative diseases, and how to potentially engineer artificial biological retinas.

photo of retinal inner nuclear layer

Neurochemical imaging of the retinal inner nuclear layer

Education: Ph.D., University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Academic Appointments: Research Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences—University of Utah School of Medicine, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physiology