We are excited to announce the newest UPIQ project, the "Using Antibiotics Wisely" Collaborative.   

UPIQ is partnering with the University of Utah Pediatric Division of Infectious Disease to help you:

  • Improve use of antibiotics in respiratory, ear, and other common infections in children
  • Improve communication with families and care-givers regarding management of those infections
  • Address the “gray areas” often found among antibiotic treatment guidelines 

boy with common cold

Please join us for this unique project with your practice team.  For more information, please contact us at 801-585-9945 or info@upiq.org

To register for this Learning Collaborative, please click here. 

UPIQ is:

A public-private partnership consisting of organizations and individuals with a common interest and desire to support clinicians and their practices in improving the health status of Utah's children and ultimately our communities.

Our goals:

  1. To foster innovation and the use of evidence in clinical practice and delivery systems to provide accessible, coordinated and family-centered healthcare for Utah's children.
  2. To champion, facilitate and support practice change that improves the quality of care.

Our mission:

To engage, lead and support practices in transforming the delivery of children's healthcare.