Lynn Dobias, M.D.

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Medical Areas of Interest

Chronic mental illness, geriatric psychiatry, telepsychiatry, rural outreach

Interests & Hobbies

Mountain biking, alpine skiing, skate skiing (and apres skiing!), socializing, and lately watching old Westerns with my husband.

Why Utah?

I chose Utah because I knew it was my dream residency! As a medical student at the University of Utah, I was able to experience the excellence of our department first-hand. You will hear over and over how great the people are here, and it is the absolute truth. Beyond that, you can sense here that our leadership and residents are always working to make the residency better, whether it is adding new teaching sessions into the weekly schedule, tailoring training opportunities to your interests, or creating work schedules in advance to help you plan your life. This commitment to improvement translates directly to better care for our patients. And then there is Utah itself--our quality of life here is unbeatable! Whether I am out on a trail or on my daily commute through the mountains, I still see this place with the same amazement I did when I first moved here, and am SO happy to call it home!


Manchester, NH

Education History

UndergraduateUniversity of Utah
Medical SchoolUniversity of Utah School of Medicine