Advisory Board

The center advisory board is established by Utah statute (SB 234, 2007 GS) and governed by bylaws approved by the university. The members of the center advisory board are appointed through the university and represent industry sectors, labor unions, trade organizations, government agencies, insurance companies, and academia to advise the RMCOEH on current and future operations. The board's activities have ranged from legislative initiatives to educational curricula. The board’s active input and support is critical to the success of the RMCOEH’s mission to protect workers and their environment.

The board formally meets twice a year. The public is welcome to participate in these open meetings.

Advisory Board

Center Advisory Board Meeting, May 2011

Front Row: Dennis Lloyd JD, (Chair), Sen. Karen Mayne (Advisory Member), Royce Moser MD, MPH, (Professor), Kurt Hegmann, MD, MPH (Center Director), Toni Chambers (Executive Secretary), Deanne Clegg (Administrative Assistant)

2nd Row: Steven Packham, Connie Crandall (CE & HST Director), Don Bloswick (E&S OIPRT Director), Mike Taylor (Advisory Member), Roger Jensen (Advisory Member), Jim Judd (Advisory Member), Craig Allen (Advisory Member), Don Marano (Vice Chair), Rob Gardener (Advisory Member), Taylor Scalley (Development), Maureen Murtaugh (SEEU Director), Ray Godfrey, PhD (OIPRT PhD Student)

Last Row:  Dave Creer(Advisory Member), Hannah Edwards, MD (Faculty), Eric Wood (OM Director), David Allcott (Advisory Member), Matt Thiese, PhD (Faculty), Kim Heimsath (Advisory Member), Dean Lillquist (Advisory Member), Andrew Merryweather, PhD, (Faculty) C. David Richards (Advisory Member), Matt Hughes, MD, MPH (Deputy Director) Tom Bingham (Advisory Member), Rod Larson, PhD (IH Director), Don Mehr, MD (Resident)