Education Degrees

MSOHRMCOEH sponsors the following occupational health degrees and programs within the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Master of Science in Occupational Health (MSOH)

The Master of Science in Occupational Health (MSOH) degree program offers six emphases. These programs also have major components in, and collaborative relationships with, the University of Utah’s departments of mechanical engineering, internal medicine, and the College of Mines.The MSOH degree can typically be completed in one and a half to two years and requires a research-based master’s thesis or project. 

MSOH emphases: 

Master of Occupational Health (MOH)

The purpose of the Master of Occupational Health (MOH) degree program is to train occupational health professionals interested in a career in one of the fields of occupational health practice or research. The degree requirements include coursework in occupational epidemiology, biostatistics, management, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, toxicology, administration, and management. It is possible to complete the MOH degree program in one year. 

Occupational Medicine Residency Program

The Occupational Medicine (OM) Residency Program trains physicians to become specialists in the preventive medicine specialty of occupational medicine. Occupational medicine physicians are concerned with the health, safety, and performance of workers, their families, and their communities. The residency involves research, a practicum phase, and specialty rotations.

Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational & Environmental Health (PhD)

The PhD Degree in Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH) trains individuals interested in pursuing careers in occupational health for positions such as researchers and academic faculty or placement in prominent businesses, insurers, and government positions that require doctoral level skills.

PhD emphases: 

Graduate Certificate of Occupational Safety and Health

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate of Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) is to help meet graduate-level regional and national needs for personnel trained in various areas related to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). This certification (COSH) meets the academic requirements for physicians working in OSH who seek board certification in preventive medicine in the specialty of occupational medicine through the American Board of Preventive Medicine’s complementary pathway.

With the following emphases: 

Ergonomics and Safety Degrees through the Department of Mechanical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Students in the ergonomics and safety degree programs study a wide array of topics, from integrating computer aided design and manufacturing tools to crafting machines that help people work more safely and efficiently. The Center for Engineering Design is a world renowned organization which is extremely active in the area of applied robotics and micro-electrical-mechanical systems.