1st–4th Year Medical Student Requirements & Education

Throughout your education here at University of Utah School of Medicine, we provide several resources to support you. From wellness consults and services to activities and information for visiting students, you will be able to find any resources you need here.

Please let us know if there is anything you need.

Med Student Mentor

Med Student Mentor: The PA Application Process

If you’re thinking of applying to a physician assistant program, be prepared for a hefty application. Doris Dalton is the director of admissions for the University of Utah’s PA program. She offers sound advice for standing out on an application and planning ahead to finish it on time. A perfect ... Read More

Med Student Mentor: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Chief Resident

What do chief residents do and what are their roles on the medical team? If you’re considering whether or not becoming a chief resident is the right fit, the Residency Program Director for Internal Medicine at the University of Utah has some advice for you. Med Student Mentor Natasha Kwendakwema ... Read More

Med Student Mentor: Are You Sure a PA Program is Right for You?

If you’re thinking about applying to PA programs, the director of admissions for the University of Utah’s physician assistant program has some advice for you. Doris Dalton encourages some deep thinking and research before you just throw schools with PA programs on your list. She also gives sound ... Read More

Med Student Mentor: How to Deal with Med School Stress

Stressed out and need some motivation? Dr. Leana Wen, attending physician at George Washington University, talks about how to manage stress in such a stressful time of your life. She also discusses the importance of involvement outside of medical school and reverting back to your core motivation as ... Read More

Med Student Mentor: Standing Out in a Med School Interview

An interview lets you accentuate your own personal brand. Medical student and nationally ranked cyclist Tim Mulvihill has been in the hot seat numerous times and shares what fellow Med-school applicants will encounter during the interview process. This high achiever with a unique perspective shares ... Read More

Med Student Mentor: What to Know Before You Sign Your First Contract

What are the important things to consider when a new doctor signs a contract? Lawyer Jim Haisley highlights the important points. From reading, understanding, agreeing, signing and even backing out, he takes you through everything you need to know before you sign a contract. ... Read More

Med Student Mentor: The New MCAT and What You Need to Know

The Medical College Admissions Test is undergoing a huge revision that will appear in 2015. Becky Rice and Jen Page from MCAT discuss how the new version will affect scoring and admissions. They also give you some insider details on the update MCAT to help you study. ... Read More

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