Years One and Two – Understand Yourself and Explore Options

Careers in Medicine Assessments help you become more aware of your interests, values, and potential roadblocks in your career planning. Complete these before meeting with our advisors and staff.

Interest (MSPI-R)

Values (PVIPS)

Roadblocks (SIS)

Advising appointments with our faculty and staff can help you asses your interests, goals, and define your brand to strengthen your future residency applications.

Leadership Workshops are held regularly with our Director of Student Affairs, Tom Hurtado and Tony Tsai, Director of Education Strategy to discuss personal branding, networking, elevator speeches and other career oriented activities.

Medical Student Interest Groups are a great way to learn more about areas you’re interested in. To contact any of our Interest Groups' leaders, follow this page

Shadowing and Mentoring opportunities can help you learn more about specialties and areas of interest. To get a list of contacts for shadowing or mentoring opportunities, please set up an appoitment with Mo Laguan. 

What is the difference between mentoring and shadowing?

Mentoring and shadowing experience play a big part in career exploration. Shadowing can be an opportunity for a medical student to see the day to day of a physician’s career, a “snapshot” of what their experience is like. You may find your shadowing experiences to be for one day or a reoccurring event, both can help you paint a better picture of any given specialty.

Mentoring is more than shadowing; it involves professional connections that can convey information, perspective and valuable tips to succeed in your career. Effective mentoring relationships depend on more than the mentor’s ability; it also depends on you, the student, to make the most of your professional relationship. To learn more on how to manage your mentor, click here (you must sign in to AAMC Careers in Medicine).


Contact Mo Laguan,
Program Manager, Student Mentoring Services
Phone: 801-587-8998