Patient-Centered Transitions for Episodes of Surgical Care

Grant–Supported Research Project, Department of Surgery

Patient TransitionsFor patients, the process from diagnosis to surgery can be a difficult one. The patient has to work with a number of different providers from their family care doctor to the specialist or surgeon doing the procedure and then the caregivers helping them through recovery. Most often these care teams are not integrated enough to make communication and caregiving easy for patients trying to navigate across the system.

This project will bring together patients and caregivers across the system to study how patients work through this experience. It will try to find the common difficulties in coordinating care as well as methods to improve the process and outcomes. The participants will include patients from urban and rural settings in Utah and the surrounding intermountain regions who have experienced surgical care themselves or helped someone who has. These experiences will be used to study the problems in care coordination, access to surgical specialists, and follow-up care. Additionally, participants will include primary care physicians, surgeons, and the providers involved in surgical care.

Through this project, our goal is to create a research platform through which we can investigate a broad range of patient experiences and caregiver practices in order to improve the process and outcomes of patients who have surgical care.

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