University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies

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The School, which is recognized internationally, has continually expanded its scope to keep pace with increased awareness of the health and social problems of alcoholism and other drug dependencies. All areas of these problems are presented in training sessions for professional and lay personnel. The School provides students with the latest methods and techniques for working effectively in their respective disciplines.


For substance abuse counselors, clinicians, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, medical personnel, rehabilitation counselors, public health administrators, educators, judges, lawyers, peace officers, county commissioners, industrial and community leaders, advisory council and board members, college and graduate students, families, treatment center personnel, and others desiring special instruction on alcoholism and other drug dependencies. GENERAL SESSIONS for the entire student body will focus on current issues and trends in the field of substance abuse education, prevention and treatment.


Provide specialized information and techniques for working effectively with substance abuse problems in various disciplines. Specific groups are: American Indian; Dental; Drugs:Treatment and Rehabilitation; Education and Community Prevention; Nursing; Pharmacy; Physicians; Professional Treatment; Recovery Support; Relapse Prevention Counseling; Substance Abuse Overview and Current Issues and Vocational Rehabilitation. The promoters and sponsors of this conference assume no responsibility for the comments expressed by the speakers/presenters, nor do they accept responsibility for the content or reprinting of any materials used or handed out during the meetings. Experiential learning situations are for training purposes only. They are not intended to be therapeutic or a part of any ongoing therapy process. In the event of illness or other emergency, we reserve the right to substitute speakers and/or topics listed.