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New Information on the Physician Shortage & the Introduction of Senate Bill 0042

March 2013 Legislative Session

Thanks to the ground swell of community support and the foresight and understanding by our state leadership of the impending need for additional medical practitioners in the coming years, Senate Bill 42 passed during the March 2013 legislative session. As of July 2013, 102 students will be enrolled into the University of Utah School of Medicine with additional funding of 6.5 million. An additional 20 students will make up the incoming class of 2015 for a total of 122 students and an increase to 10 million in ongoing funding from the state.

Senate Bill 42

Senate Bill 42 sponsored by Sen. John Valentine proposes a two phase increase in the number of medical student enrollments from the current number of 82 This bill authorizes the University of Utah School of Medicine to increase the number of students admitted by 40 students for a total of 122 students annually; and restricts the 40 additional admissions to students who demonstrate a strong connection to Utah. The Alumni Association for the School of Medicine encourages the School of Medicine Alumni to contact your legislator in support of this bill.

Learn more about Senate Bill 42.

The Physician Shortage in Utah

Nationally, Utah ranks 46th in the number of physicians per population with the projection for physician supply worsening in the future. The country's growing shortage of physicians is a looming public health crisis.  Expanding the class size is an important step in limiting the shortage gap and providing access to excellent health care for Utah citizens.

The School of Medicine has a very competitive applicant pool. In 2011, the school received 1,500 applicants for its 82 slots.  By restoring and expanding the class, 40 more students will gain admittance to medical school.

  • 75% of medical students admitted to the U of U School of Medicine are Utah residents
  • 8 students are from Idaho (funded by the State of Idaho)
  • The remaining students must have a strong Utah connection or represent an underserved group.  

Download the Physcian Workforce Shortage (PDF)

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