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Scholarships for Students of the School of Medicine Impact the Lives of Many

In 2015 we welcomed the largest medical school class (122 students) in our history. Quite a significant growth from our first four year class in 1944 with 33 graduates! But with this growth comes challenges.

The average debt of a Class of 2014 in-state graduate was $166,250. In real dollars, that loan at 6.8% (current Federal Stafford un-subsidized loan rate) over a 15-year payoff period is actually $265,639!! Our student recipients have shared that a scholarship gift from a generous donor or alumnus they generally don’t even know, shows faith and support that inspires them to work harder and live up to their sponsors faith and generosity.

The Meaning of Support From a Student’s Perspective


Why Alumni Consider Scholarship Support Important


If you would like to know more about scholarship support, planned gifts or endowments, or how to make a donation to the Alumni Association Medical Student Scholarship Fund or programs, contact the School of Medicine Alumni Office at 801-585-1121 or email