Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the HOST Volunteers?

HOST volunteers are alumni from the University of Utah who have volunteered to host M4 medical students while they interview for residency programs in various locations throughout the country. The level of participation by a host varies.

Is there a HOST in every location?

There is no guarantee that a host will be available in the city you are interviewing. However, the program continues to grow and alumni are frequently volunteering to participate in the program.

What can I expect?

HOST participants have designated in what respect they will participate in the program. Some may only wish to introduce the student to colleagues. Others may provide meals, transporation, or a place to stay. The student will be notified in what respect their HOST has volunteered to participate.

How do I sign-up to partipate in the HOST program?

Alumni who are interested in participating in the HOST program will need to complete the information form to designate what level of participation and to provide their contact information.

Students seeking to be connected with participating alumni need to complete the Student Registration Form. The Alumni Relations Office will provide the HOST information to the student.

Who makes the arrangements?

Upon receipt of the student's request, the Alumni Relations Office will notify the student if there is a participating alum in the location specified and what the HOST participant has volunteered to do (i.e. transporation, accomodations, etc.) It is the responsibility of the student to make contact with the HOST volunteer and to coordinate arrangements.

How soon should I request to connect with an Alum participating in the HOST program?

You will want to submit your registration information to the Alumni Relations Office as soon as you know your date(s) of travel. As well, upon receipt of the HOST contact information you should connect with the HOST participant in order to set schedules and to make arrangements.

Is there follow-up needed after utilizing the HOST program?

We ask that students send a thank-you note following their visit with a HOST participant. HOST volunteers have generously offered their time and resources in helping to facilitate the requests of those interviewing in their cities. The Alumni Relations Office also asks for feedback from both the student and the host regarding their experience with the program.

If I have questions about the HOST program who do I contact?

Please make contact with the Alumni Relations Office at (801) 581-8591.

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