Communication with Residency Applicants

Application Status:

Due to the large number of applicants to our training program, the quantity of emails received makes it impossible to provide updates on application status. We work diligently to review applications and deliver decisions as soon as possible. Once a decision has been made on an application, applicants will be notified via electronic communication.

Post Interview Communication:

Our interview day is designed to provide applicants with a thorough view of our training program. Interviewees will have multiple opportunities to ask questions of our residents, leadership, faculty, and administrative staff. For questions that may arise after the interview day applicants will receive contact information for program representatives who are more than happy to answer any questions.

The University of Utah Department of Anesthesiology requests that applicants do not send thank you notes or emails. These types of communications will not routinely receive a reply.

Our review committee and program leadership do not commonly reach out to applicants after an interview.

Letter From the Program Directors

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