Diversity in science discussion at our departmental retreat


Two department trainees, Julio Fierro (graduate student) and Yang Xu (postdoctoral fellow) shared their journeys in science and discussed challenges they have faced and how they have addressed and overcome them.


Full recordings of their talks appears below.


Rising Stars in Cell Biology Series

To highlight outstanding postdoctoral scientists from diverse backgrounds, Biochemistry has partnered with Oncological Sciences to feature seminar talks by emerging leaders in cell and cancer biology from around the country.

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Equity and Diversity Discussion Series

To foster ongoing awareness and discussion of issues of equity and inclusion in science, a working group of students, postdocs, and faculty is organizing a monthly discussion series to examine different topics about inequities in science and medicine and the challenges faced by scientists from diverse communities. 

Biochemistry Partnerships with Summer Research Programs for Underrepresented Students

Biochemistry labs will host and mentor summer undergraduate researchers with several groups including:



What's Your Story?

Interviews with our international and domestic trainees

Each month, we feature a short bio from one of our trainees.  The full interview, along with archived stories (once accrued) appear here.

A user-friendly list of student resource centers, outreach opportunities, and educational materials in equity, diversity, and inclusion


Student Resource Centers