PubMed Listing for Gregory S. Ducker, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase deficiency causes a neurometabolic disorder associated with microcephaly, epilepsy, and cerebral hypomyelination.
Rodan LH, Qi W, Ducker GS, Demirbas D, Laine R, Yang E, Walker MA, Eichler F, Rabinowitz JD, Anselm I, Berry GT.
Molecular genetics and metabolism. 2018; 125(1-2):118-126.

Comprehensive analysis of T cell leukemia signals reveals heterogeneity in the PI3 kinase-Akt pathway and limitations of PI3 kinase inhibitors as monotherapy.
Ksionda O, Mues M, Wandler AM, Donker L, Tenhagen M, Jun J, Ducker GS, Matlawska-Wasowska K, Shannon K, Shokat KM, Roose JP.
PloS one. 2018; 13(5):e0193849.

Mitochondrial translation requires folate-dependent tRNA methylation.
Morscher RJ, Ducker GS, Li SH, Mayer JA, Gitai Z, Sperl W, Rabinowitz JD.
Nature. 2018; 554(7690):128-132. NIHMSID: NIHMS928014

Human SHMT inhibitors reveal defective glycine import as a targetable metabolic vulnerability of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
Ducker GS, Ghergurovich JM, Mainolfi N, Suri V, Jeong SK, Hsin-Jung Li S, Friedman A, Manfredi MG, Gitai Z, Kim H, Rabinowitz JD.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2017; 114(43):11404-11409.

An LC-MS chemical derivatization method for the measurement of five different one-carbon states of cellular tetrahydrofolate.
Chen L, Ducker GS, Lu W, Teng X, Rabinowitz JD.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. 2017; 409(25):5955-5964. NIHMSID: NIHMS899140

One-Carbon Metabolism in Health and Disease.
Ducker GS, Rabinowitz JD.
Cell metabolism. 2017; 25(1):27-42. NIHMSID: NIHMS852041

Reversal of Cytosolic One-Carbon Flux Compensates for Loss of the Mitochondrial Folate Pathway.
Ducker GS, Chen L, Morscher RJ, Ghergurovich JM, Esposito M, Teng X, Kang Y, Rabinowitz JD.
Cell metabolism. 2016; 23(6):1140-1153. NIHMSID: NIHMS782486

ZMP: a master regulator of one-carbon metabolism.
Ducker GS, Rabinowitz JD.
Molecular cell. 2015; 57(2):203-4. NIHMSID: NIHMS695075

Incomplete inhibition of phosphorylation of 4E-BP1 as a mechanism of primary resistance to ATP-competitive mTOR inhibitors.
Ducker GS, Atreya CE, Simko JP, Hom YK, Matli MR, Benes CH, Hann B, Nakakura EK, Bergsland EK, Donner DB, Settleman J, Shokat KM, Warren RS.
Oncogene. 2014; 33(12):1590-600. NIHMSID: NIHMS550085

Generation of a patient-derived chordoma xenograft and characterization of the phosphoproteome in a recurrent chordoma.
Davies JM, Robinson AE, Cowdrey C, Mummaneni PV, Ducker GS, Shokat KM, Bollen A, Hann B, Phillips JJ.
Journal of neurosurgery. 2014; 120(2):331-6. NIHMSID: NIHMS981321

Myc and mTOR converge on a common node in protein synthesis control that confers synthetic lethality in Myc-driven cancers.
Pourdehnad M, Truitt ML, Siddiqi IN, Ducker GS, Shokat KM, Ruggero D.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2013; 110(29):11988-93.

Combination of ATP-competitive mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors with standard chemotherapy for colorectal cancer.
Atreya CE, Ducker GS, Feldman ME, Bergsland EK, Warren RS, Shokat KM.
Investigational new drugs. 2012; 30(6):2219-25. 

The mammalian target of rapamycin regulates cholesterol biosynthetic gene expression and exhibits a rapamycin-resistant transcriptional profile.
Wang BT, Ducker GS, Barczak AJ, Barbeau R, Erle DJ, Shokat KM.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2011; 108(37):15201-6.

FLT3 mutations at diagnosis and relapse in acute myeloid leukemia: cytogenetic and pathologic correlations, including cuplike blast morphology.
McCormick SR, McCormick MJ, Grutkoski PS, Ducker GS, Banerji N, Higgins RR, Mendiola JR, Reinartz JJ.
Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine. 2010; 134(8):1143-51.

Synthesis and evaluation of indazole based analog sensitive Akt inhibitors.
Okuzumi T, Ducker GS, Zhang C, Aizenstein B, Hoffman R, Shokat KM.
Molecular bioSystems. 2010; 6(8):1389-402. NIHMSID: HHMIMS227289

Compartmental flexibility in mammalian folate metabolism
Ducker GS, Chen L, Teng X, Rabinowitz JD.
American Association for Cancer Research National Meeting; 2015 April; Philadelphia, PA. c 00.