Horizontal transfer of macrophage mitochondria (green) to breast cancer cells (red)

In vivo zebrafish melanoma cells expressing actin binding protein, ena/vasp-mneon green

3D Rendering of macrophages (red) contacting tumor cells (green) in the zebrafish skin

Tumor cells embedded in the zebrafish skin

Tumor cells (green) invading through the endothelium (red) in vitro

GFP expression in the zebrafish skin


Cancer cells hijack mechanisms of normal development. In a complex milieu of an animal, in which there are many different signals from many different cells, how does a cell parse through this information to know when and where to migrate? Our long term research goal is to identify these signals, how they are communicated, and how they are interpreted into a downstream response to regulate cell motility during development and cancer. We use a combination of animal models (zebrafish and mouse) and cell culture based models, taking advantage of the strengths of each system to answer outstanding questions in cancer cell biology.

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