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Xue Q and Roh-Johnson M.
Developmental Cell. 2019. May 6:49(3): 306-307.
PMID: 31063747

Competition between TIAM1 and membrane balances Endophilin A3 activity in cancer metastasis

Poudel KR, Roh-Johnson M, Su A, Ho T, Mathsyaraja H, Anderson S, Grady WM, Moens CB, Conacci-Sorrell M, Eisenman RN, Bai J.
Developmental Cell. 2018. June 18;45(6), 738-752
PMID: 29920278

Macrophage-dependent cytoplasmic transfer drives melanoma invasion in vivo

Roh-Johnson M, Shah AN, Stonick JA, Poudel KR, di Martino J, Hernandez RE, Gast CE, Zarour LR, Antoku S, Bravo-Cordero JJ, Wong MH, Condeelis J, Moens CB.
Developmental Cell. 2017. Dec 4;43(5):549-562
PMID: 29207258

Macrophage-dependent tumor cell transendothelial migration is mediated by Notch1/MenaINV-initiated invadopodium formation

Pignatelli J, Bravo-Cordero JJ, Roh-Johnson M, Gandhi SJ, Wang Y, Chen X, Eddy RJ, Xue A, Singer RH, Hodgson L, Oktay MH, Condeelis JS.
Sci Rep. 2016. Nov 30;6:37874
PMID: 27901093

MYC-nick promotes cell migration by inducing fascin expression and Cdc42 activation

Anderson S, Poudel KR, Roh-Johnson M, Brabletz T, Yu M, Borenstein-Auerbach N, Grady WN, Bai J, Moens CB, Eisenman RN, Conacci-Sorrell M.
PNAS. 2016. Sep 13;113(37):E5481-90
PMID: 27566402

Macrophage contact induces RhoA GTPase signaling to trigger tumor cell intravasation

Roh-Johnson M, Bravo-Cordero JJ, Pastialou A, Sharma VP, Liu H, Hodgson L, Condeelis J.
Oncogene. 2014. Aug 14;33(33):4203-12
PMID: 2405696 

Autocrine HBEGF expression promotes breast cancer intravasation, metastasis and macrophage- independent invasion in vivo

Zhou ZN, Sharma VP, Beaty BT, Roh-Johnson M, Van Rooijen N, Kenny PA, Wiley HS, Condeelis J, Segall JE.
Oncogene. 2014. Jul 17;33(29):3784-93
PMID: 24013225

Spatial regulation of RhoC activity defines protrusion formation in migrating cells

Bravo-Cordero JJ, Sharma VP, Roh-Johnson M, Chen X, Eddy R, Condeelis J. and Hodgson L.
J. Cell Sci. 2013. Aug 1;126(Pt 15):3356-69.
PMID: 23704350


Triggering a cell shape change by exploiting pre-existing actomyosin contractions

Roh-Johnson M*, Shemer G*, Higgins C., McClellan J, Werts AD, Tulu US, Gao L, Betzig E, Kiehart DP, and Goldstein B. *equal contributing authors.
Science. 2012. Mar 9;335(6073):1232-5
PMID: 22323741

Dynamic localization of C. elegans TPR-GoLoco proteins mediates mitotic spindle orientation by extrinsic signaling

Werts AD, Roh-Johnson M, and Goldstein B.
Development. 2011. Oct;138(20):4411-22.
PMID: 21903670

Apical constriction: A cell shape change that can drive morphogenesis

Sawyer JM, Harrell JR, Shemer G, Sullivan-Brown J, Roh-Johnson M, and Goldstein B.
Dev Bio. 2010. May 1;341(1):5-19. Review.
PMID: 19751720 

in vivo roles for Arp2/3 in cortical actin organization during C. elegans gastrulation.  

Roh-Johnson M and Goldstein B.
J. Cell Sci. 2009. Nov 1;122(Pt 21):3983-93
PMID: 19889970

Roles for Actin Dynamics in Cell Movements During Development

Roh-Johnson M, Sullivan-Brown J, and Goldstein B.
Chapter in Actin-Based Motility: Cellular, Molecular and Physical Aspects, ed. M.-F. Carlier, Springer. Book Chapter

Wnt signaling during C. elegans embryonic development

Marston DJ, Roh M, Mikels A, Russe N, and Goldstein B.
Methods Mol Biol. 2008;469:103-11
PMID: 19109706