This course is specifically designed for: 

  • abdominal clinicians
  • general radiologists
  • abdominal surgeons
  • specialized body or abdominal radiologists


Faculty Comments

"This conference provides a broad, comprehensive overview of abdominal imaging. There is a ton of very relevant, fantastic information packed into a relatively short amount of time. In short, a lot of bang for your buck." -Jeffrey Olpin, MD, Course Director, Professor, University of Utah Radiology and Imaging Sciences.

"It was great to see people from across the country attend the conference. They represented many different types of practice - private and academic. The variety of perspectives was important." -Tom Winter, MD, Chief of Abdominal Imaging, University of Utah Radiology and Imaging Sciences. 

"I was glad to see that this conference explored the nuts and bolts of clinical practice mixed with just the right amount of imaging technology." -Glen Morrell, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Utah Radiology and Imaging Sciences.

"My favorite part of the conference is the audience input and Q&A sessions. Their feedback and questions were timely and on-point, and I enjoyed hearing the many perspectives on our field." -Paula Woodward, MD, Professor, University of Utah Radiology and Imaging Sciences.


Practicing Physician:  $800

($1,000 after 1/15/19)

Resident/Fellow/Military: $500  (Proof of status letter required: submit electronically at registration link above)    

($700 after 1/15/19)


Previous attendees of Utah Imaging Conferences receive a 10% discount.

In case of cancellation, a refund (less a $50 cancellation fee – provided that withdrawal is requested in writing) will be made. No refunds will be given after 1/15/2019.

The University of Utah complies with Disabilities Act by providing qualified individuals with disabilities access to University programs, services and activities. Reasonable prior notice is needed to arrange accommodations. Please call 801.581.8365 to request an accommodation.