BMIC Support Services

REDCap is an easy to use, intuitive application subsidized for University of Utah research needs by the Center for Clinical Translational Science. The CCTS BMIC department does support users in a variety of ways to meet the needs of the University of Utah research community. REDCap is designed to be an easy-to-use, self-service tool; advanced REDCap project design, configuration, and management is offered through our BMIC recharge services.

Due to the high volume of support requests received by the BMIC, users are encouraged to reference the Knowledge Articles as a first resource. The documents are thorough and allow you to pace your learning in conjunction with creating your project. This is the preferred starting point.

If assistance is needed after referencing the knowledge base, please submit a REDCap or OpenSpecimen Service Ticket. One of our REDCap analysts will respond to your support request within 24 hours. Assistance is expedited if you have first registered your project in ProTrackS and obtained a CCTS ID.

A brief REDCap support call can be arranged to discuss problematic project design issues or to gain insights into some of the more technical REDCap features. These calls are designed to assist you in understanding concepts and to guide you to complete your project. If the conversation indicates advanced/extended support is required, recharge fees will be discussed.

BMIC does host a direct Service Desk Phone Line. Use of this is ideal for issues which can be quickly answered or of immediate support. Otherwise, please complete a Service Ticket.


Main Contact
Randy Madsen
BMIC Operations Director
Phone: 801-581-6752


Core Administration

Julio Facelli, PhD
BMIC Director

Ram Gouripeddi, MBBS, MS
BMIC Assistant Director

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