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Clinical Trials Support Overview

The CCTS Clinical Trials Support (CTS) Foundation provides assistance to investigators in the design, planning, budgeting, and performance of human subject research, including venues that can support the most complex and intensive inpatient and outpatient protocols. Our reputation for excellence in clinical research began as the University of Utah General Clinical Research Center or GCRC, an academic home for “first in human” research performance that has been generously supported by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Utah since 1984.

Who Participates?

In 2015 more than 5,000 people participated in human subject studies through the Clinical Trials Support Foundation. Our participant populations range in age from newborn infants through senior citizens; participants’ wellness ranges from healthy volunteers to the chronically or terminally ill. Some participants are local Utahans, while many others routinely travel from a geographic area encompassing five surrounding states. Participants with rare diseases travel from all over the world to join clinical and translational research on the Utah Clinical Services Core.  

All studies adhere to NIH policies regarding the inclusion of women, minorities and children. Participant safety, education, and comfort during their research visit are our primary goals; we take great pride in the remarkable level of satisfaction our participants describe for their CSC research experience.