Application Information

Effort Assessment

As a preliminary step to determining this subsidy, CCTS staff will meet with each applicant to assess the time and nursing effort necessary for their protocol. This face-to-face effort assessment should occur early in the planning stage for any study that may use the CSC, and must be completed before the protocol can be considered for performance in the CSC.


Please contact the CSC Nurse Manager Deanna Palma,, or at 801-581-2224 to schedule this preliminary effort assessment meeting.

Extramural Funding Agencies

Investigators seeking grant support from extramural funding agencies (e.g. NIH, American Heart Association) will need to meet prior to submitting their grant proposal. CCTS staff will write a letter of support, to be include with the proposal, which will outline expected CSC effort and subsidy to the protocol should funding be secured and the protocol accepted for CSC performance. Please plan accordingly with at least four weeks prior to the extramural submission date.


Nurse Manager
Michelle Adams
Phone: 801-581-2224

Directions to Hospital Venue

Directions to 421 Wakara Venue