Post-Approval Accounting

Billing for CSC Effort & Subsidy Accounting

NIH and federal accounting rules require that Investigators pay the full cost of CSC use, and then receive payment from the CCTS for the agreed-upon portion of these total costs that constitutes the CCTS subsidy for that protocol. In other words, funds must physically change hands between the research and CCTS accounts. The CCTS will provide a quarterly itemized bill to the investigator for the total cost of hourly protocol use on the CSC for each study, to be paid within 30 days to the CCTS account.

For simplicity, for each study visit this billed cost will be based on the time spent on the CSC unit as registered by WebCAMP and the integrated cost per hour calculated in the effort analysis. For example, a study with an integrated cost of $185/ hour in which the participant was present on the CSC for 150 minutes will be charged $463. Within 30 days, monies equal to the agreed upon subsidy will be electronically forwarded to the investigator’s account. For instance, if the above protocol had received a subsidy of 80%, $370 would be electronically forwarded to the investigator's study account for this visit.

Arrangements for billing and fund transfer should be made through consultation with Chris Chambreau (

Legacy Protocols

Protocols currently active on the CSC will retain their current subsidy level (usually 100%) as the PIP goes into effect. Principal investigators for each current protocol will receive a letter from the CCTS informing them of the value of subsidy provided to their protocol. Current levels of subsidy will continue for at least 36 months after the PIP inception date contingent on adequate protocol follow-up review as described below. Legacy protocols that continue beyond 36 months will be subject to re-evaluation by the IAC.