Schedule a Study

Please send scheduling requests to:

Primary Contact

Michelle Allred, the CCTS clinical nurse lead, will be your primary contact for all scheduling requests. Laurene Vickers, the clinical nurse educator, will be your secondary contact for scheduling requests.

Steps to scheduling your participant on the CSC:

1. Email all scheduling requests to Requests are made via email on the most current CSC scheduling template. Template includes: visit specifics, research related billing, ethnicity/race, MRN (medical record number) and other standard demographics

Example of a template; please email ccts scheduling for the most current scheduling template.

Example of a scheduling application template

2. For greater efficiency, please provide the following information in the email subject line: “PHI – CCTS protocol number – participant initials – request date”; example: PHI 08-40 MA 2/29. One participant per request and one date request per email

Scheduling is done weekdays before 2pm, and requests are approved on a first come-first served basis. For any requests or schedule changes of a Monday appointment, please flag the email and send to the scheduler by Friday at 2:00 pm.

*Please note: Scheduling occurs around clinical activities – Patient care is our first priority.

3. Please flag all important emails, such as day-of cancellations, day-prior scheduling, and the like.

The CSC is currently scheduling about two weeks out—this is imperative for any inpatient requests due to requisite staff scheduling adjustments.

Consent Email

All participants must have a signed informed consent ON FILE with our unit prior to any clinical research activity. Original signed consent forms can be scanned by our HUC or for your convenience, you may email. Please remember "PHI" (private health information). Encrypt your email by including the text "PHI" in the subject line when emailing consent forms or other patient information.

Original signed consent forms can be emailed to: We do not accept consent documents sent via fax machine.

Note: This email address is for consent forms ONLY. Please continue sending scheduling requests and participant templates to the scheduling email account: