What Is a Protocol Manager (PM)

The RN assigned to your protocol will be your PM. The PM will be your principal contact on the CSC and will work with your team to initiate and conduct the study as designed. Our RN protocol managers are expert research nurses—we hope you will rely on their expertise while conducting research with us.

Protocol Manager Role & Responsibilities

A protocol manager is assigned to each protocol by the nurse manager following IAC submission. There may also be a Co-PM assigned to assist. They will play a key role in the successful execution of your protocol, using strong management and organizational skills to insure that all participant visits are protocol driven. The protocol manager’s responsibilities will include:

  • Arrange initial Protocol Activation Meeting (PAM)
  • Coordinate with interdisciplinary teams as needed: dietary, research pharmacy, huntsman pharmacy, and the like
  • Monitor the protocol progress and addresses/manages obstacles
  • Serve as a primary contact for the protocol
  • Coordinate the development of nursing specific documents and plans
  • Provide mentoring role to study coordinator regarding necessary paperwork, billing, scheduling, and appropriate resources
  • Correspond with appropriate parties regarding billing prior to activation and throughout life of protocol
  • Ensure availability of appropriate equipment for specific protocol requirements