Information for Participants

Introduction to Research

Welcome and thank you for considering participation in one of the research studies on the CCTS nursing unit. Research discoveries can improve people’s health. We cannot do research without our research participants, so your participation is invaluable. Becoming a research volunteer is solely YOUR decision.

If you decide to participate in research on our unit, you will be assigned a research nurse dedicated to maintaining your safety during your research participation and to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. Your research nurse will work closely with your investigator and study coordinator to ensure you understand your research plan of care and to make certain that your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

All research team members are committed to advocating for your needs. However, you may also contact the Research Participant Advocate (RPA) Sadie Gabler at 801-581-3803 anytime. The RPA works independently of the nursing unit and her primary responsibility is to advocate to you during your research participation.

Research Overview

The HHS (US Department of Health & Human Services) has developed the pamphlet “Becoming a Research Volunteer: It’s Your Decision”. Some day you or a family member may want to take part in a research study. The following questions and answers from the pamphlet may assist you or a family member in making the right decision.

What is research?

Research is a study that is done to answer a question. Scientists do research because they don’t know for sure what works best to help you. Some other words that describe research are clinical trial, protocol, survey, or experiment. Research is not the same as treatment.

Why Participate?

Why is research important?

Research has led to important discoveries that make our lives better. Some examples are:

» New drugs to treat cancer, diabetes, and other diseases,
» Ultrasound, X-ray machines, and diagnostic tests,
» Vaccines,
» Ways to stop smoking, and
» Improved medical procedures.

Points to consider

A research study may or may not help you personally. In the future, the results could help others who have a health problem. Taking part in research is voluntary.

More information can be found in our frequently asked questions.


Informed Consent

All participants must sign an "Informed Consent" document prior to research participation. Children's participation requires a signed "Parental Consent" document. Children above the age of seven years will also be required to sign their own "Assent" form. Your study coordinator will provide you a copy of your signed consent documents.