Frequently Asked Questions


As you enter the University of Utah Hospital driveway follow the signs directing you to free valet parking located at the entrance to the hospital. Self-parking is also available in the patient/visitor parking terrace.

Research Clinic Location

We are located on the fifth floor of the University Hospital. The University Hospital is physically connected to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Primary Children’s Hospital, and the John A. Moran Eye Center. Please park in the University Hospital parking (or valet) to find the easiest way to our floor. If you need directions you may ask at the information desks on the first floor or you may call our clerks at 581-2224.

What is the name of the research clinic?

We are the Clinical Services Core (CSC) at the Huntsman Center for Clinical & Translational Science (CCTS). Some people might still refer to us as the Clinical Research Center or CRC.

Checking In

Our clinic is located on the fifth floor, directly across from the elevators. From 8 am–3 pm you will see an open reception area, where you may check in with our health unit coordinator at the desk. If the reception area doors are closed, please ring the doorbell to the right of the door. We will buzz you in and you can check in with our health unit coordinator at the nurses’ station.


Your appointment in our clinic will be scheduled by your study coordinator. We cannot make or change any of your appointments, so please contact your study team with any questions. Their contact information will be on the informed consent document that you signed.

What is “informed consent”?
Informed consent is the process of learning the facts about a clinical research study before deciding whether or not to participate. This process involves having the study explained to you in detail, and having the time to decide if participating is right for you. If you are interested in participating, you will be given an informed consent document to read and sign if you decide to participate. You may want to discuss the study with family, friends, or your primary care doctor. Always remember that it is your choice to participate or not.

What if I have questions about my study?
You may ask questions about your study at any point. You may also decide not to participate at any time. Your research MD and study coordinators will have the answers to your study related questions. Sadie Gabler, our research participant advocate, will also be a resource to you. Contact her if you have questions that you are not comfortable asking the study team or research nurses. Ms. Gabler’s business card is on our participant info bulletin board or you may ask at the nurses’ station for her phone number.

Will I benefit from participating in a research study?
Clinical research studies are done for a variety of reasons—clinical studies help doctors find new and better ways to prevent, detect, control, and treat illnesses. Because no two studies are the same, the risks and benefits of each study can be very different. There may be no direct benefit to you for participating, or you may be the first to receive benefit from a new medicine or treatment before it is readily available.

Please talk to your research MD or study coordinator and be certain to review the risks and benefits included in the informed consent document for your study. All researchers hope the knowledge gained from their study will benefit future patients.

How much time will my appointment take?
Please check with your study coordinator for information that is specific to each of your clinic visits. Some of our clinic appointments are less than 20 minutes, while other participants will remain on our unit for several days.

Who are the research nurses?
The nursing staff on our floor is comprised of experienced clinical research RNs. We have an expert staff with a wide variety of clinical experience. We provide age-specific care to all populations—infants, toddlers, young children, youth, adults, and geriatrics.

Are there other studies that need volunteers?
The CSC nursing staff cannot refer you to other research studies. We recommend you register on or search University of Utah Health Clinical Trials.

We look forward to seeing you at your research visit! Thank you for participating in clinical research, it is essential to improving the future of health care for everyone!

Informed Consent

All participants must sign an "Informed Consent" document prior to research participation. Children's participation requires a signed "Parental Consent" document. Children above the age of seven years will also be required to sign their own "Assent" form. Your study coordinator will provide you a copy of your signed consent documents.