CSC services are offered at three distinct venues across the University of Utah campus, each specialized for a range of services and protocol complexity. The Clinical Services Core (CSC) is a dedicated facility for patient-oriented research, located within University of Utah Health. The CSC provides physical space and expert protocol nursing support for both inpatient and ambulatory human subject research proximate to the services and emergency care of the University of Utah Hospital.

University of Utah Hospital

Physical facilities and amenities include:

  • Three in-patient rooms on the NAC unit offering:
    • Overnight stays
    • High acuity patients requiring moderate sedation
    • Close proximity to all ancillary hospital services (i.e. Radiology, ARUP, Nutrition, PICC team, Code team, EKG, etc.)
    • Sample processing, refrigerated centrifuge, refrigerated sample storing, -80 freezer sample storing
    • Access to Investigational Drug Services
    • Glucose analyzer sampling
  • Endoscopy lab, suitable for moderate sedation
  • Body composition suite, including DEXA, pediatric volumetric analysis and limb CT

421 Wakara Location

Shared with investigators in internal medicine, this Research Park venue provides protocol nursing, phlebotomy and scheduling support for outpatient research encounters of low to moderate intensity. Facilities and amenities include:

  • Monitored participant check-in and waiting
  • 12 evaluation and treatment rooms
  • Counseling room appropriate for neuropsych testing or genetic counseling
  • Study team work stations
  • Sample processing including -80 freezer, refrigerated centrifuge, glucose analyzer sampling, refrigerated specimen
  • ARUP courier services
  • Research pharmacy support
  • Suite for minor procedures
  • Convenient parking
  • Transportation options available to and from nearby hospitals

Skeletal Muscle Exercise Research Facility, Dental School

This large open venue, administered by the Utah School of Health Department of Physical Therapy, will focus on support of low intensity protocols related to exercise physiology and health maintenance. Amenities include:

  • Open plan floor space for group activities
  • Resistance and aerobic training equipment
  • Study team work stations
  • Convenient, dedicated covered parking
  • Exercise physiology suite, equipped for muscle testing, V02 max physiology


Nurse Manager
Michelle Adams
Phone: 801-581-2224

Directions to Hospital Venue

Directions to 421 Wakara Venue