Office of Research Participant Advocacy

Creating a System-Wide Approach to Volunteer Recruitment

The new Office of Research Participant Advocacy (RPA) of the CCTS will support and engage research participants from recruitment, through participation, to post-participation. With the specific aim of creating a system wide approach to facilitate research volunteer recruitment, this core is charged with strengthening collaboration with participants to be more efficient, effective, and safer. By developing innovative information and engagement strategies for post-participation the RPA will enhance satisfaction of research volunteers.

The RPA is responsible for facing the challenge of adequate recruitment and retention of research participants. While furthering the development of our Participant Advocacy Program the RPA will help recruit specific population groups including minorities, low-income, and the elderly who are sometimes under represented in the research process. The Participant Advocacy Program is also responsible for community outreach, attending various conferences and events throughout the year.

Research Participant Advocacy Program

The Research Participant Advocacy Program maintains active consultation with research volunteers on the in-patient core. These meetings improve the participant experience by addressing questions and concerns and by recording reoccurring themes to improve the conduct of clinical research. This is aided by the enhancement of the Spanish Translation Services that rewrites important documents for Spanish-speaking participants.

The RPA will develop expectations and supporting tools for investigators to inform participants about the outcome of studies in which they participated. In addition, the RPA implements a post-participation survey to asses satisfaction, and suggestions regarding volunteer experience with clinical research.

Director & Associate Vice President for Research Integrity

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