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To support researchers, individuals, institutions, agencies, patients, providers, and other stakeholders in fruitfully collaborating on research projects that address researchers’ interests and communities’ health needs.

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To promote, implement and support community-engaged translational and implementation science research, projects and scholarship by:

  1. Building the long-term, trust-based community partnerships that are needed to expeditiously and effectively conduct community-engaged translational and implementation science research
  2. Preparing community leaders and researchers to be full collaborators in research projects
  3. Working with researchers and communities to increase the number of CCTS-associated research projects that focus on community-engaged research or include this as a substantial component


  • Provide a consultation service for researchers and communities that provides support for partnership identification and formation, proposal development, and carrying out research studies.
  • Facilitate researcher and community member collaborations that develop community-engaged research methods, instruments, and educational materials for research projects.
  • Mentor researchers, project staff and community leaders/members in collaborating on all phases of research projects.
  • Facilitate Community / Patient Engagement Studios that provide a structured setting for researchers to enhance their research projects through learning from community experts.
  • Lead the CCTS Collaboration / Engagement Working Group to foster interaction and learning among expert and novice researchers and project team members who are conducting community-engaged research projects.

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