We are a team of over 40 biostatisticians, epidemiologists, statistical geneticists, health economists, psychometricians, and survey design researchers with a mission to advance high quality research at the University of Utah and affiliated institutions.

The following navigation bar describes a typical research process for collaborating with SDBC members on a manuscript. If you are looking for assistance with a grant proposal, you may benefit from reading the Get Started, Request Collaboration, and the grant preparation pages.

Please Note: In order to help prevent the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19, our staff is now working off-site. You can still request to work with us by clicking the “Request Collaboration” link, however, be prepared for meetings to be hosted via conference call and Skype.
We apologize for any inconvenience at this time. We value our work with you and look forward to more beneficial collaborations in the future.

SDBC Research Process Steps 1 Get Started 2 Request Collaboration 3 Statistical Analysis Plan 4 Data Collection & Analysis 5 Publish
  • Get Started

    Get Started

    Get Started
    • Literature review
    • Develop research question(s)
    • Identify potential variables
    • Review study design guidelines
  • Collaborate


    Request Collaboration
    • Our request form is short but vital to us!
    • We use it to determine the best research team
    • And to track progress and results
  • Statistical Plan

    Statistical Plan

    Statistical Analysis Plan
    • A statistical plan helps focus the research objectives
    • We use it to facilitate communication among the research team
  • Analyze


    Data Collection & Analysis
    • Best practices for data collection
    • How to format data for analysis
  • Publish


    • We help with all methodological aspects of manuscripts: tables, figures, methods, results, and discussion
    • Please send us the final draft for review prior to submission