Center Director

Tom H. Greene, PhD

Chief, Division of Biostatistics

Email: tom.greene@hsc.utah.edu

Phone: 801-213-3741


Angela Presson, PhD, MS

Angela Presson is a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Epidemiology in the Department of Internal Medicine and in the Division of Pediatric Critical Care. She has a PhD from the UCLA department of statistics and a BS in biological sciences from Cornell University. Dr. Presson develops statistical models for clinical data and large-sca... Read More

Email: angela.presson@path.utah.edu

Phone: 801-581-4006

Kenneth M. Boucher, PhD

Dr. Kenneth Boucher is Director of the Cancer Biostatistics Unit of the Study Design and Biostatistics Center at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. He is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. He has been at the University... Read More

Research Interests: Biostatistics, Grant Writing, Mathematical Modeling, Statistical Consulting, Topology

Email: ken.boucher@hci.utah.edu

Phone: 801-585-9544

Lab: Lab Website

Benjamin Haaland, PhD

From 2010-2014, Ben Haaland was an assistant professor in the Centre for Quantitative Medicine at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore and from 2014-2017, Ben was an assistant professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Ben joined the University of Utah in 2017.... Read More

Research Interests: Experimental Design and Modeling Techniques for Non-Parametric Regression Problems and Machine Learning, Meta-Analytic Approaches to Comparative Effectiveness

Email: Ben.Haaland@hsc.utah.edu

Mellanye Lackey, MSI

Mellanye Lackey, MSI

Department Affiliation: Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library

Specialties: Systematic reviews, evidence based practice

Research Interests: Mellanye Lackey is an Associate Librarian and the Associate Director of Education and Research at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT. Mellanye provides expertise on quality and reproducibility systematic reviews, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary topics. She has participated in and consulted extensively on systematic reviews and meta-analyses in public health, health policy, quality improvement and global health.


Xiaoming Sheng, PhD

Xiaoming Sheng, Ph.D., is a Research Professor of Pediatrics and a statistician. He has a vital collaborative role in the Department of Pediatrics, providing pivotal and insightful statistical guidance for the great variety of clinical investigations by the many Pediatric junior faculty nurtured by the Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research ... Read More

Research Interests: Biostatistics

Email: Xiaoming.Sheng@hsc.utah.edu

Phone: 801-585-9217

Gregory J. Stoddard, MPH, MBA

Email: greg.stoddard@hsc.utah.edu

Carol Sweeney, PhD

Carol Sweeney, PhD, is an associate professor in the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine, an investigator at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), and a member of the HCI Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program. She conducts research on cancer epidemiology, with specific interests in the ... Read More

Email: carol.sweeney@hsc.utah.edu

Phone: 801-581-5865

Norman J. Waitzman, PhD

Email: waitzman@economics.utah.edu

Phone: 801-581-7600

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Please use the following text to acknowledge the CCTS Study Design and Biostatistics Center:

"This investigation was supported by the University of Utah Population Health Research (PHR) Foundation, with funding in part from the National Center for Research Resources and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, through Grant 5UL1TR001067-05 (formerly 8UL1TR000105 and UL1RR025764)."