Utah CCTS K to Research Success Program

Submitting your first successful R01 or R01-equivalent application is a major challenge. To address this challenge and improve the funding success of our University's junior research faculty, the Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science (Utah CCTS) has established the K to Research Success Program. Led by the directors of the Utah CCTS' KL2 Mentored Career Development Scholar Program, co-directed by Drs. Maureen Murtaugh and David Turok, this program was created to support any faculty member applying for first-time R01 or equivalent funding including all internal and external career development awardees.

A foundation of the program is the R01 Writing Group. We run R01 Writing groups three times a year in preparation for each of the NIH submission dates. The writing group is a comprehensive, 6-month program utilizing a multi-faceted approach to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to write a successful R01 or equivalent application. Critical components include: a grant proposal writing seminar, the establishment of interdisciplinary groups of up to 5 junior faculty with 1-2 senior faculty members with extensive success with NIH awards and study section reviewer experience as leaders, and access to the Utah CCTS Grant Writing course resources. Proposal sections are reviewed and critiqued by peers, mentors, and a mock review. The mock study sections include senior mock reviewers from the Utah CCTS community who have NIH funding and study section experience, further enhancing the experience for the participants.

Upcoming Writing Group

For those planning to submit an R01 or equivalent application for the February 2020 cycle, you can participate for free. To register, please contact Sarah Elliott (sarah.elliott@hsc.utah.edu) for instructions by the end of June 2019. A draft of the participant's specific aims will be due on July 26, 2019. Once registered, the program will begin August 19th with a kick-off meeting and main focus on your specific aims. After the kickoff meeting individual groups consisting of a leader and 4-5 R01 writers will be created. Each of the groups will meet throughout the program to continue to revise their aims (over 2 additional meetings). Groups will meet to provide guidance and feedback on the Research Strategy (i.e., significance, innovation, and approach three more times), and in December you will participate in a mock study section. Your content mentor or primary mentor will be expected to participate. Finally, in February, you will submit your strong application. If you have specific questions about program content or qualifications, please contact either Dr. Maureen Murtaugh at maureen.murtaugh@hsc.utah.edu or Dr. David Turok david.turok@hsc.utah.edu.

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